Benefits of writing ICAN-ATS before going to University

Are you through with your secondary school education in Nigeria? Do you have a goal of becoming an accountant? Are you working on getting into the university or other higher education centers? Then take the ATSWA examination first! The benefit of doing it before university stress is enormous. And that is what I discussed in this article. 

Write an exam without cheating

In Nigeria, cheating in the examination hall is rampant. But, ICAN-ATS is one exam you can never cheat on. You will have to rely on what you have learned to write it. If you can seat for this exam you can write any examination in this world.

Give you a good start in your accounting and finance journey

The ATSWA examination is a good start to being a professional accountant or finance expert. The training gained is a headstart to a brighter future. One interesting course that will push you to the limit is the quantitative technique in level 2 of the program. This paper will build your analytical skills. And analytical skills are one important source of skill in the business world.

Help you perform better at the University

Although, this doesn’t mean that if you don’t sit for the ATSWA exams you won’t perform well at the university. But the benefit here is that when your mate in school is busy learning their core courses, you will be busy learning another course that will build your grade point. How do I mean?

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For example in your 100 level, your fellow coursemate may be busy learning accounting courses, but you will focus more on borrowed courses in business administration and economics departments. Why? You are already grounded in an accounting course. That all you need to do is scan through your note and solve some past questions.

Becoming a first-class student

The training gain doesn’t just include knowledge in accounting. Also, you gain how to discipline yourself to read daily. And experience in passing examinations without cheating. With this, the sky is your starting point. If you include humility, it is possible to earn a first-class at a university.

Work part-time with an audit firm

If you intend mixing school and work, then the AATWA certification will enable you to work in an audit firm and attend a university on a part-time basis. In these cases, you will be gaining experience while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a university. Thereby killing two birds with one stone.

Final words

To conclude, there is no gain-saying the advantages of doing ICAN-ATS before proceeding to a university. It helps reduces stress. You can use your free time to teach your coursemate difficult topics in accounting.

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