13 Basic Government Accounting Principles

Government accounting or PSA is guided by certain principles. Here, we will examine 13 such principles. Many of these principles will be discussed separately later on. And many of them are intertwined with financial accounting. They are listed and explained below. List if 13 principles of government accounting Cash basis Accrual basis Modified cash basis … Read more

Six differences between ATSWA and ICAN

ICAN remains the umbrella body for the accounting profession in Nigeria. It conducts the accounting Technician Scheme and the institute of chartered accountants exams. On completion of ATS, you will become a member of AATWA. While completing ICAN, you are given a membership as an associate chartered accountant (ACA). In this article, I will work … Read more

10 examples of financial resources

If you have read my last three articles, the term financial resources were used frequently. This term became an issue for Bola, but the lecturer has requested that she research on her own. So, she stumbled upon some materials that will help her understand the term and gives ten examples of financial resources.  Financial resources … Read more